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  8 october 2008
Maven support

23 September 2008
Maintenance release 1.1.1

21 June 2008
Release 1.1

1st June 2008
Release 1.04 for GWT 1.5 RC1


hibernate4gwt permits you to use your Hibernate POJO (and especiallay the partially loaded ones) in the GWT client side code without pain.

No LazyInitialisationException. No Dozer mapping.
Just POJO and Domain Driven Design  :) !

Note : if you use GWT 1.4, your domain model must also be written with Java 1.4 syntax (sorry, no generics), which is not so a big issue (see here).  Otherwise, you must use GWT 1.5

hibernate4gwt intensively uses BeanLib : I haven’t done anything without this wonderful library !

Finally, despite of its name, the hibernate4gwt can be useful to send Hibernate POJO across any serialization process (JMS, Flex, …) or to clone and merge properly your Hibernate beans.


This software is under Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004.

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 Last update : 8 October, 2008